What is the SIT-DNA?

The SIT-DNA comprises four key traits:

Thinking Tinkerers

A ‘thinking tinkerer’ is someone who isn’t just passionate about hands-on experimentation, but also able to think and apply the knowledge picked up during the process. He/She is skilled with his/her hands and also seeks knowledge in the classroom. Hence, he/she is constantly looking to improve things and solve practical problems with innovative solutions.

As Singapore’s economy moves up the value chain, industry will require trained manpower with applicable skills. In addition, there is also an increasing demand for workers to be able to think on their feet, applying their knowledge and tailoring it to changing situations. 

Able to Learn, Unlearn & Relearn

Someone who is able to learn, unlearn and relearn embraces change and continues learning beyond school. He/She knows that new knowledge opens the door to new opportunities. Hence, he/she is adaptable to change and subscribes to lifelong learning.

In the last 50 years, Singapore’s industry has gone through various transformations – from being labour-intensive to skills-intensive, then from capital-intensive to knowledge-intensive. Technology is also advancing at a pace of change that is unprecedented. To stay on top of industry’s ever-changing landscape or pioneer new fields and industries, graduates treat learning as a foundation from which to cast aside the old and acquire new knowledge.

Catalysts for Transformation

A catalyst for transformation affects change by increasing efficiency and creating value through innovation.

SIT graduates are ‘Catalysts for Transformation’ as they seek to understand their organisations at the process and system level, and find ways to improve and implement efficiency. They also bring in new ideas or create new products and services to generate new growth pathways.

As Singapore is in the midst of a major economic transformation, industry will have to adopt a highly productive and high value-add mode in order to remain competitive. SIT works closely with industry, especially with our SMEs, to identify challenges and problems for our students to work on. Such win-win collaborations translate into tremendous growth opportunities for students as they navigate unchartered waters and grow in their respective fields.

Grounded in the Community

A community is defined as a group of people who live in the same area and also a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social and economic interests.

Being ‘Grounded in the Community’ means our students and graduates serve and strengthen the community through their skills and knowledge. As part of the larger Singapore community, our students work together across various disciplines to engage with their communities and understand their needs in order to make improvements that impact on the social, economic or environmental aspects of the community they live and work within.