Returning NSmen

Returning NSmen

Male Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs)

Male Singapore Citizens and PRs who are required to fulfil their National Service can also apply within the stipulated application period. Should they be successful in their application to SIT, a place will be reserved for them until they complete their full-time National Service.

Returning NSmen

SIT Admissions will contact all returning NSmen (RNS) in January of the year of their enrolment to SIT. The latter are then required to confirm acceptance via the online SIT portal by the stipulated deadline (in March) before they can be matriculated into their respective degree programmes. Please refer to the System User Guide.

Returning NSmen Applying for Change of Programme

Returning National Servicemen (RNS) who wish to apply for a change of programme may apply via the SIT application portal when application opens from January to March. RNS applicants may wish to confirm acceptance for their reserved programme concurrent to submitting an application for a different programme.

If the new application is successful, the new programme offer will supersede the reserved programme. If the application is unsuccessful, the applicant will retain his place in the reserved programme, provided he has confirmed his acceptance.

If an RNS applicant wishes to retain his place in the reserved programme after applying for a change of programme, he should contact Admissions Division at [email protected] for a review of his request on a case-by-case basis.