Readmissions, Transfers And Deferments

Readmissions, Transfers And Deferments


  1. “Readmissions” refers to former students of SIT who have been terminated or have withdrawn from SIT, or had previously graduated from SIT, being admitted into SIT again for the same level of degree studies. 

  2. Application by former SIT students for readmission is done via the SIT application portal during the normal application period. 

  3. Current SIT students are not eligible to apply for readmission. If they are seeking a change of programme of study, they should apply through the Registrar’s Office during the stipulated period. 

  4. Applications for readmission will be considered stringently, subject to meeting minimum standards, places available and overall competition. 

  5. However, depending on the respective overseas university partner’s readmission guidelines/rules, an applicant may or may not be allowed to be readmitted to the same programme of study. 

  6. Tuition fees will be charged based on the latest year-of-matriculation. 

  7. The option to be readmitted to the same programme is also subject to the continuity of the programme being offered by the overseas university partner and SIT in the intended year of matriculation. 

Transfer Students 

  1. Former or existing students of the other local Autonomous Universities in Singapore may also apply to SIT during the common application period. The same admission requirements for the respective degree programmes apply. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Transfer of credits is also granted on a case-by-case basis for certain degree programmes.

  2. Students (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents) who transfer or are re-admitted within SIT or across the Autonomous Universities will be eligible for the Tuition Grant up to the normal programme duration for the SIT degree programme after subtracting the percentage of semesters or trimesters of Tuition Grant received for the previous programme(s).

  3. In general, direct transfers from other universities, including the overseas university partners’ campus are not allowed.   In the event of exceptional consideration, SIT reserves the right to impose minimum grade criteria of both their university results as well as their high-school results. 

  4. In cases of transfer requests from international applicants, these transfer requests will be further subjected to MOE’s caps on non-Singapore Citizens imposed on SIT for the respective year of admission. 

Deferment of Admissions 

  1. In general, SIT does not allow for deferment of admissions , except for National Service (NS)-liable applicants who will be reserved a place until they complete their full-time NS.

  2. In exceptional circumstances, an applicant who has accepted a place in SIT for a specific matriculation year may write in to the Admissions Division to formally request/appeal for a deferment of admissions to the following year based on valid reasons supported by official documentary proof. All requests for deferment will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, subject to approval by SIT. 

  3. Successful deferment of admissions cases will be subjected to specific conditions stipulated by SIT such as tuition fees charged based on the year of matriculation, and the continuation of the programme by SIT and the overseas university partner (where applicable) in the deferred year of matriculation.